Yes you have been through alot in your life.

Yes you have every reason to throw in the towel and quit with a right to feel the way you do.

But you also have a right, a reason and a responsibility to finish up stronger than how you began.

“I don’t owe anyone anything”, that’s what you’re saying right?

Well you owe it to those who have invested into your life, even when you were not aware that an investment was being made.

Prayers, kind words, good gestures, acts of humility, sacrifice  and much more from the most unlikely sources.

It could have been family, friends or even strangers sent by God to impact your life in the most discreet ways possible.

Just enough to give you that extra push, pull or even that kick in the butt we so desperately needed. Lol.

The point is you have to much invested into your future to allow your past, or your present to keep you from finishing the race of life.

Not just crossing the finishline but crossing the line better than how you began.

You have more rooting for you to win than it may appear.

You will be better because of the little things that were added to you that will end up making the biggest difference.  -JAB


Thank you for visiting our information site…..


Thank you to all who have taken the time to stop by and view our information website.  I appreciate your time.  Value on Purpose with Jairrod A Burch is a public speaking/consulting & coaching  platform. It’s an opportunity to speak, teach & help transform lives through what I call  the “FOCUSATIONAL” experience. The act of bringing the individual to focus in on the target objective of their lives. This usually is the very core of distractions resulting from diverse circumstances encountered. Your true value within and appreciation of yourself. The way you value others and the world around you is a direct result of how you see and value yourself ! This is where God has blessed me through many storms and trials. I am purposed to come through and help others realize it’s not what you can DO that gives you your value.  It’s how you were already designed. You were created as VALUABLE!!! -JAB

The Focusational Public Speaker


Jairrod A Burch is a (FOCUSATIONAL) public speaker bringing the listener back to their original intent and purpose which is our true self-value within.

Everyone needs that someone who can IMPACT your life with their perspective.

Whether it’s one on one  coaching with me or having the experience of hearing me speak live. It’s time you had someone in your corner who can see who you really are and who you can become, instead of those who can only look at you in the situation you’re in now.

Get in touch with me and allow me to speak LIFE into DYING situations!!!