Speaking to Impact Lives



Click > National Empowerment Speaker Jairrod leaves the audience with a message of purpose!

> Jairrod Speaks for former NFL STARS, Dwight Johnson (Founder) & Endorsed by Michael Strahan. (BIGMANTAKEOVER ORGANIZATION)

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Message of Value!                Live Again!          Relentless!              How long will you wait?


Value on Purpose with Jairrod A Burch is designed to focus each individual on his or her greatest gifts and potential from within.

Jairrod is a Focusational speaker who teaches from a perspective of one who is speaking, coaching or  counseling each listener to not depend upon solely what they can do, but more importantly who they are.

 We were created valuable and significant from the beginning.



Jah Gilmore  (Former Pro NFL Wide Receiver & CEO of IChallenge Performance Training)

Jairrod is a very on point and sound speaker.
His life experiences along with his passion for impacting others allows him to inspire anyone from any Walk of Life.
 Dr. Walter H. Sims ( Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality & Life Coach)
 Jairrod Burch is a voice crying in the wilderness of stagnation. He has the heart, compassion, and charisma to touch a generation that needs direction. He has the knowledge and the wisdom to speak life into all that hear him.
Keith A. Taylor (Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur)
 Jairrod Burch- Is an Amazing inspirational speaker his words penetrate the heart and cause change in the lives of individuals and communities.
His unique approach to coaching allows people to grow to a level they only dreamed of reaching. I always leave inspired after a session with him.
Timeko Whitaker (International Speaker/Trainer & Coach, CEO of A.I.C. Authentic Identity Coaching)
It is a pleasure and honor to speak to the incredible power that resides within Jairrod Burch, Sr. This dynamic speaker is not only relevant but knows how to captivate audiences of all sizes and demographics.
      Chrissy Dash  (Professional Fitness Trainer)
Jairrod has been a huge part of my success.
His private coaching in both my business and private life has helped tremendously.

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