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“No man or woman can accomplish a great victory alone.” -JAB

We all know in sports small battles are inevitable. From overcoming a hard loss to attempting to conquer fears, we rise to the challenge of meeting the expectation of competing like champions to keep a season alive.

I’ve played sports most of my life, and what a lot of non- athletes don’t understand is that sports is not just a hobby or fun thing to do. It is life. You put your time, blood, sweat, tears and every ounce of guts you can muster to excel at it. But what I also came to know is that we as athletes, current or former, can get so consumed with our ability to perform in our given field, that we forget this is not all there is to life.

What happens if you don’t go pro? Or, God forbid, you experience an injury that takes you from active to the sidelines in a moment’s notice. This is where Jairrod comes in to place things into their proper perspective.

In a  40 minute – 1 hour Impact Session he will help focus your team on the things that matter the most. God, family, the reality of your present and a successful future even if you choose to walk away from sports, or if life takes another turn.

Learn that even if you don’t make the team or lose in the final seconds of a championship game, that if you have a sound core value system of what’s really important your hand will always be raised in victory.